Supreme Keratin

The time of fuzzy, brittle, dull and unmanageable hair is over! Thus, repeating and boring hairstyles because of uncontrolled hair are left behind. 

Discover Supreme Keratin from Schwarzkopf, which smoothes hair and keeps it unexceptionable for a long time:

It is a solution for everybody who dreams about smooth, healthy, supple and easily manageable hair

It is a solution for curly hair owners, whose ringlets are fuzzy, dry and lifeless

It is incomparable hair gloss

It is a recovery for your hair after the most aggressive experiments with it

Supreme Keratin is a completely different treatment than traditional hair straightening. The opposite, after Supreme Keratin you can choose to have smooth, wavy or curly hair – no limitations for hair styling.

As a result of this treatment you can easily style your hair at home in different ways and make your style more varied in less time.

Supreme Keratin can be used directly after coloring as well; the color will not be harmed in any way.

Many celebrities of show-business, movies and podium choose Supreme Keratin.

Supreme Keratin is a treatment meant for professional use and can be done only in beauty salon.

It suits all hair types: wavy, thin, porous, thick, unmanageable, colored, after perm, etc.

Supreme Keratin is an infusion, which has a pleasant fragrance and it is exceptionally safe and enjoyable to use.

The treatment consists of 4 steps:

1st step:  Shampoo Deep Clarifying Supreme Keratin

Deep clarifying shampoo removes impurity from the hair and has ph level of 7.5. It uncovers scales and prepares the hair for the subsequent exposure.

2nd step: Infusion Supreme Keratin

Application of the infusion, which immediately starts to rejuvenate hair from inside and outside.  After the infusion application your hair will be dried and treated with a straightening iron, which allows hydrolyzed keratin to conjoin with hair keratin and saturate hair with vitamin C and sodium sulphate – it restores hair structure and gives it a healthy look.

3rd step: Shampoo Smooth Extending Supreme Keratin

After treatment with a straightening iron your hair will be shampooed in order to remove excessive keratin and balance its ph level.

4th step: Supreme Keratin Mask

The Mask finishes the hair treatment and allows to keep it smooth and glossy up to 12 weeks.

The final result: you have healthy, strong, glossy, smooth and manageable hair. After the treatment you will get the following products for home use:

shampoo, hair balsam and serum for the hair ends. These products content keratin and are intended for regular use. The usage of these products guaranties the effect retention up to 12 weeks.

The duration of the treatment depends on the hair length and density (from 1 to 3 hours)

The price of Supreme Keratin therapy:

Short hair CHF 175

Medium hair CHF 250

Long hair CHF 315

The products for home use are free of charge

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